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Summary of Content
NEW ANTARA 2012 Models Edition 1 VX_N_ANT_16417.tif VX_N_ANT_16211.tif Explore the city limits. If you’ve never been shy about exploring new territory, it’s great to know that you can now go anywhere in complete confidence in a New Antara – whether you choose the new front-wheel drive model or the innovative four-wheel drive system. Now with fresh styling and new petrol and diesel engines – featuring improved all-round efficiency – coupled to genuine driving excitement and innovative versatility, there’s never been a bolder way to drive with style. Exterior style Interior style Driving dynamics Safety and security Driver features Interior features 04 06 08 10 12 14 Versatility Model line-up Accessories Colours, trims and wheels Specification 16 18 22 24 26 This brochure covers New Antara Exclusiv and SE Nav models only. Some of the models shown include options and accessories available at extra cost. And not all of the features described are available on every model. We may also offer alternative New Antara models such as Special Editions. So for all current model or equipment details visit the Vauxhall website: WARRANTY 100,000 MILE Please see back cover for more details. VX_N_ANT_16952.tif Explore your enthusiasm for creativity. A smart new look, yet still complete with flowing curves and perfect proportions – New Antara has an even more expressive yet rugged style about it. Compact, sophisticated, yet tough, dynamic and now, more than ever, ready for an active life. Imposing alloy wheels, roof rails and protective skid plates. Be inspired by your New Antara – wherever your drive takes you. 5 VX_N_ANT_17797.tif Explore your passion for the finer things in life. The New Antara interior is full of light and space, with high quality trims, premium finishes and top-of-the-range levels of equipment. Leather trim, electronic climate control, satellite navigation, MP3 format and heated front seats are all available. The new electric parking brake function also frees up space for even more storage. And a high driving position gives you confidence, control and a great view of the road ahead. 7 VX_N_ANT_16214.tif Automatic transmission. Rare for this class, a six-speed ActiveSelect® automatic transmission is available (at extra cost). Electronically controlled features include an adaptive driving function plus a new eco mode that maximises use of higher gears for improved fuel economy – which in combination with the new 2.2CDTi unit means almost a 10% improvement over previous automatic models. Front-wheel drive. New to the Antara range is a conventional front-wheel drive system. Available on Exclusiv models only and mated to the 163PS version of the new 2.2CDTi 16v it offers the perfect choice for those who are looking for more affordable Antara motoring and the associated maximum fuel economy benefits. Six-speed manual transmission. Antara’s new multi-valve petrol and diesel engines come with a slick but sturdy new six-speed manual gearbox as standard. The new manual front-wheel drive diesel model achieves an impressive 46.3mpg on the combined cycle. Driving dynamics Start/Stop technology. New to the Antara range and available on both FWD and 4X4 2.2CDTi 16v manual diesel models, the innovative Start/Stop system switches the engine off when you stop at the lights or in traffic, then restarts it automatically once the clutch is depressed. A huge range of built-in checks ensures passenger and vehicle safety at all times, of course. Engine stop is indicated by the rev counter needle in the AUTOSTOP position. Intelligent four-wheel drive. The electronically controlled Antara system switches automatically between two- and four-wheel drive as conditions demand. In normal driving, power goes to the front wheels only, saving fuel at the same time. And when conditions turn difficult or slippery, four-wheel drive is automatically engaged, switching the drive as required to the front and rear wheels for optimum traction. New 2.4i 16v petrol engine. New to the Antara range this efficient multi-valve fourcylinder petrol engine develops 167PS and is available on Exclusiv FWD models only. New efficient 2.2CDTi 16v diesel. Available in two versions – a 163PS unit with 350Nm of torque on Exclusiv and SE Nav models and on SE Nav models only, a 184PS variant with an equally impressive 400Nm of torque. Not only is this latest engine more powerful than the previous unit, it is both quieter and smoother and offers up to 15% better fuel economy with manual transmission. In addition CO2 emissions are vastly improved – the new front-wheel drive model achieves 160g/km. Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Diesel Particulate Filters provide an effective means of reducing particulate emissions into the atmosphere. The maintenance-free Antara unit can cut the output of harmful emissions by over 90%. That’s why it’s standard equipment. VX_N_ANT_16430.tif Electronic Stability Programme (ESP). Antara benefits from a unique interaction between switchable ESP, Traction Control (TC) and Descent Control System (DCS), all working together with the ABS system and on 4X4 models, intelligent four-wheel drive to deliver high degrees of driving satisfaction, comfort and active safety. If a wet roundabout or muddy corner catches you out, ESP applies corrective braking to help you regain control. TC helps maintain traction under acceleration. The ESP system fitted to the Antara also includes a trailer stability program and Hill Start Assist (HSA) that eases starting and eliminates roll-back on gradients. Descent Control System. DCS enhances driver control on slippery slopes by maintaining a constant incline descent speed. Fitted as standard equipment, it allows drivers to make potentially tricky descents far more comfortably and at safer, constant speed. Visit the Vauxhall website: for more explanation of ESP, DCS and intelligent four-wheel drive. 9 Safety features. Antara protects you in so many ways. Front, side and full-size curtain airbags are standard, along with pyrotechnic body-lock seatbelt pretensioners for the front and outer rear seats. Adaptive brake lights flash when the ABS braking is activated. Dual front seatbelt pretensioners. Working in tandem with the built-in front seat ramps they help to minimise the forward movement of the body during emergency braking. They also help enhance the effectiveness of the front airbags. Tyre pressure monitoring system. Antara SE Nav models permanently monitor individual tyre pressures using sensors located on the tyre valves, displaying the information on the screen. If a significant pressure loss is detected, the display identifies the offending tyre. VX_N_ANT_16228.tif Front lights. For safer winter driving, front fog lights are standard on every model, recessed into the lower valance. Xenon headlights, with dynamic beam levelling and high-pressure washers, are standard on Antara SE Nav models. Our clever door-to-door illumination feature keeps the dipped headlights and rear lights on for 30 seconds to light your way as you leave the car. Passenger airbag deactivation. The front passenger’s airbag can be deactivated when a child seat is fitted. VX_N_ANT_16215.tif VX_ANT_14304.tif VX_ANT_10817.tif Parking distance sensors. Standard on all 4X4 models, this clever Vauxhall system helps safeguard your car when parking. Sensors in the bumpers provide an audible warning when they sense an object behind – or in front of – the vehicle, making it altogether easier to park. Security features. Remote control central deadlocking, ultrasonic security alarm system and an electronic engine deadlock immobiliser are standard. 11 Safety and security VX_N_ANT_17780.tif VX_N_ANT_16347.tif Electric parking brake. The electric parking brake is easy to apply and also has an automatic release function to ease driving off on slopes. Driver features Get connected. And stay connected on the move with the Touch and Connect touchscreen navigation system complete with USB connection and Bluetooth® technology. Standard on SE Nav models, this sophisticated system packs all the latest technology. • Five-inch touch-screen colour display and steering wheel control for easy, intuitive operation • Dynamic navigation with bird’s eye view map • Navigation data for 28 European countries on SD card • CD/MP3 CD player • Aux-in socket and USB connection with full control and browsing capability for portable MP3 players • Bluetooth® wireless connectivity for hands-free calling and audio streaming with detailed track information on display • Four x 20 watts per channel output and seven premium speakers Sensing features. The Antara driver environment is packed with clever ideas helping you concentrate on the road ahead. On SE Nav activate the rainsensitive wipers and they’ll switch on automatically when it rains. Automatic lighting control does the same for the headlights when it starts to get dark. VX_ANT_11473.tif VX_N_ANT_16342.tif VX_ANT_10525.tif Seating position. You don’t just sit high up in Antara. You relax in total comfort, thanks to driver’s seat height, tilt and lumbar adjustment, plus a reach and rake adjustable steering column. Both models feature heated front seats – with three separate heat settings as standard. CD 30 MP3 CD player. Standard on Exclusiv models, this unit plays MP3 tracks from CD. Antara models have seven speakers and steering wheel mounted audio controls. There’s also an aux-in socket so you can play favourite tracks direct from your personal MP3 player. Cruise control. Standard on all 4X4 models, the easy-to-use cruise control system allows you to maintain a steady speed without keeping your foot on the throttle. So it’s more comfortable on long journeys and easier to keep to speed limits too. 13 Leather trim. Antara SE Nav models feature stylish leather seat trim in Charcoal, Saddle Brown or a new Light Titanium finish to suit your exterior colour. It’s complemented by contrasting trim on the facia and doors, adding to the upmarket feel. VX_ANT_14306.tif Front centre armrest. The centre console includes a comfortable armrest. Open the lid and you’ll find more storage space for loose items like sweets, coins, CDs and other personal effects. Heat-reflective windscreen. The SE Nav features a multi-layered coating inside the windscreen which reflects the sun’s heat, helping the electronic climate control maintain a pleasant – and constant – temperature inside the car. VX_N_ANT_16450.tif VX_N_ANT_16431.tif VX_N_ANT_16344.tif VX_N_ANT_16343.tif VX_N_ANT_16347.tif Air conditioning and ECC. Standard on Antara Exclusiv, air conditioning makes for a fresher interior atmosphere all year round. SE Nav models move up to Electronic Climate Control enabling you to maintain the interior temperature to within a single degree. All models feature rear heater ducts. Front floor console. The electric parking brake has freed useful space for the centre console. On Exclusiv and SE Nav models, the new centre floor console contains two drinks holders and a convenient open storage compartment. The armrest opens to reveal capacious storage for journey needs and personal items. Rear drinks holders. Mounted in the rear seat centre armrest, the two drinks holders are the perfect place for en-route refreshments and typical of Antara’s attention to rear passenger comfort. The armrest also features a useful storage facility. Heated front seats. On both models, heating elements in the seat backs and cushions enable the front seats to reach a comfortable temperature in a very short time. There are three separate heat settings. VX_N_ANT_17797.tif 15 Interior features VX_N_ANT_16216.tif Versatility Spacious load area. Open the tailgate. Enjoy the space. An incredible 1420 litres of loadspace to be exact – with the rear seats folded forward. Even with all five seats in use, and the luggage compartment cover in place, a 928mm long floor length translates to as much as 420 litres of loadspace – easily enough for several large suitcases. If you need room for longer luggage, the rear seat back is 60/40 split-folding, so you can carry what you need and still have room for rear seat passengers. Fold-flat front passenger’s seat. The fold-flat facility for the front passenger’s seat on SE Nav models allows the seat back to fold forward to accommodate extra-long items. VX_N_ANT_17799.tif VX_ANT_10536.tif VX_ANT_14326.tif VX_ANT_10825.tif Practical stowage. Antara has plenty of clever storage space. In the front you’ll find door pockets, drinks holders, a sunglasses storage pocket (SE Nav only), passenger seat undertray and storage in the front centre armrest. There are drinks holders and front seat back storage pockets for rear passengers too. Roof rails. Antara’s stylish silver-effect integral roof rails don’t just look good. They’re the perfect starting point for the Vauxhall roof rack system. Attach the accessory base carrier and it’s ready for a wide range of lockable travel boxes and other specialist fittings for skis and more. 60/40 split-folding rear seat. Antara models feature a 60/40 split-folding rear seat with adjustable backrest. Tilted forward into the upright position, these provide extra usable luggage capacity. 17 Exclusiv Standard features include: • Switchable Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) • Descent Control System (DCS) • Hill Start Assist (HSA) • Six airbags • Air conditioning • Electrically heated front seats • Steering column adjustable for reach and rake • 3-spoke leather-covered steering wheel • Leather-covered gear knob (manual models only) • Front fog lights • Dark-tinted glass (excludes windscreen and front door windows) • Automatic self-levelling rear suspension • Silver-effect roof rails • Electrically adjustable/heated door mirrors • Electric parking brake • CD/MP3 CD player/aux-in socket/ stereo radio (CD 30 MP3) • 17-inch alloy wheels with 235/65 R 17 low profile tyres • Remote control alarm system • Rear seat centre armrest with cupholders Four-wheel drive models also feature: • Trip computer and Graphic Information Display (GID) • Cruise control • Traction Control (TC) • Parking distance sensors front and rear • 18-inch alloy wheels with 235/55 R 18 ultra-low profile tyres Engine Insurance availability groups (ABI) 2.4i 16v (167PS) 20E 2.2CDTi 16v (163PS) Start/Stop 25E 2.2CDTi 16v (163PS) 4X4 Start/Stop 25E 2.2CDTi 16v (163PS) 4X4 automatic 25E VX_N_ANT_17798.tif VX_N_ANT_17884.psd Exclusiv 19 SE Nav Additional features over and above Exclusiv 4X4 models: • Touch and Connect multi-media audio unit • Electronic Climate Control (ECC) • Automatic lighting control • Rain-sensitive windscreen wipers • Heat-reflective windscreen • Twin illuminated vanity mirrors • Chrome-effect exterior door handles • Front passenger’s seat with fold-flat facility • Xenon headlights with dynamic beam levelling and high-pressure headlight washers • Electro-chromatic anti-dazzle rear-view mirror • Electrically foldable door mirrors • Leather seat facings • Tyre pressure monitoring system • Driver’s sunglasses holder • 19-inch alloy wheels with 235/50 R 19 ultra-low profile tyres Engine Insurance availability groups (ABI) 2.2CDTi 16v (163PS) 4X4 Start/Stop 28E 2.2CDTi 16v (163PS) 4X4 automatic 28E 2.2CDTi 16v (184PS) 4X4 Start/Stop 28E 2.2CDTi 16v (184PS) 4X4 automatic 28E VX_N_ANT_17796.tif SE Nav 21 Model illustrated features two-coat metallic paint, optional at extra cost. VX_N_ANT_18258.tif VX_ANT_14326.tif Genuine Vauxhall accessories are the right choice for your New Antara. Whatever you’re into, there’s certain to be a genuine Vauxhall accessory with your name on it, all fitted by trained Vauxhall professionals. We’ve only featured a small selection of what’s available here, so please check with your Vauxhall retailer for accessory availability information or visit our website at FURTHER ACCESSORIES INCLUDE: • Alloy wheels • Safety Pack • Thule roof boxes and bicycle carriers • Fixed or detachable tow bars with 7- or 13-pin connection • Rear parking distance sensors VX_ANT_14324.tif VX_ANT_14325.tif VX_ANT_10823.tif Aluminium base carrier*. The roof rack system begins with this lockable base carrier, comprising two T-track roof bars which support a wide range of products from Thule, including bicycle carriers and roof boxes (illustrated far right). Detachable coupling tow bar with 12N electrics. If you want a tow bar coupling that can be removed from your vehicle when you’re not towing, this is the choice for you. The coupling is easily mounted and detached for maximum convenience. Velour and rubber floor mats. Hard wearing and easy to fit, our velour or rubber Charcoal floor mats are the best way to protect your car’s interior. • Load-restraining net • USB multimedia connection • Door sill covers • Front passenger seat net • Rear bumper protection film *Product may vary from image shown. Model illustrated (main image right) features aluminium base carrier fitted with Thule Ocean 80 roof box and side-window air deflectors. VX_ANT_14308.tif VX_ANT_14323.tif VX_ANT_14321.tif VX_N_ANT_16209.tif FlexOrganiser®. Antara is pre-fitted with mounting points for our innovative accessory FlexOrganiser® system – side rails with sliding hooks and specially devised storage nets and pockets. With all your belongings safe in predefined compartments, it’s the smart, versatile way to manage your load area. Reversible anti-slip cargo liner. Our strong and sturdy Charcoal-coloured cargo mat is tailor-fitted to the luggage compartment and perfectly matches the car’s interior. Reversible design features carpet with Antara lettering on one side, and easy-to-clean anti-slip surface on the other. Mud flaps. Specifically tailored for all Antara models they are designed to help protect the vehicle’s bodywork against mud, salt and stones whilst aiding visibility for following vehicles by reducing spray in wet weather. Clarion NX501E Multimedia audio. Fully integrated featuring the following: • 3D navigation system with six-inch colour touch-screen • 44 country European mapping • USB iPod connection in glovebox • Mobile phone system with Bluetooth® • DVD/MP4 playback Developed in conjunction with auto design specialists Irmscher International, Antara styling accessories perfectly complement the vehicle’s lines, as well as being manufactured to the same exacting standards as the car itself. Accessories Styling VX_ANT_14320.tif Create a distinctive look for your Antara with the cross hatch front grille from Irmscher. Featuring an aluminium upper strip with a laser-etched ‘Irmscher’ logo, it adds a touch of individuality. VX_ANT_10701.tif For an individual look the body-colour rear roof spoiler is the perfect choice for your Antara. 23 Show your true colours. New Antara is available in a carefully selected range of paint and interior finishes. VX_N_ANT_16218.psd VX_N_ANT_16219.psd VX_N_ANT_16220.psd Summit White – Solid Sovereign Silver – Metallic* Placid Grey – Metallic* VX_N_ANT_16224.psd Carbon Black – Metallic* VX_N_ANT_17795.tif VX_N_ANT_16222.psd VX_N_ANT_17794.tif Smoke Grey – Metallic* Daydream Beige – Metallic* Cream White – Pearlescent*† *Optional at extra cost. †Available until end July 2012. VX_N_ANT_16225.tif VX_N_ANT_16226.tif VX_N_ANT_16227.tif Exclusiv FWD 17-inch alloy wheels with 235/65 R 17 low profile tyres Exclusiv 4X4 18-inch alloy wheels with 235/55 R 18 ultra-low profile tyres SE Nav 19-inch alloy wheels with 235/50 R 19 ultra-low profile tyres Each model features an imposing alloy wheel design that complements the Antara’s expressive yet rugged style. Please note: An emergency tyre inflation kit is standard on all models. FWD = Front wheel drive. VX_N_ANT_16463.tif Exterior colour and trim combinations. Model Exclusiv FWD Exclusiv 4X4 Vicker cloth/Morrocana Charcoal Vicker cloth/Morrocana Charcoal Leather Charcoal • • • • • Sovereign Silver • • • – – Placid Grey • • • – • Smoke Grey • • • • – Carbon Black • • • • • Daydream Beige – • • – • • • • • – Trim name SE Nav Leather Light Titanium** Leather Saddle Brown** Solid Summit White Two-coat metallic* Colours, trims and wheels All our colours and seat trims, including the premium leather upholstery, are designed to perfectly complement Antara’s dynamic and stylish personality. Two-coat pearlescent* Cream White† • = This colour and trim combination is available. – = Not available. * = Optional at extra cost. ** = No-cost option in lieu of Charcoal leather. VX_ANT_10549.tif VX_ANT_10551.tif VX_N_ANT_16464.tif VX_ANT_10550.tif Vicker cloth/Morrocana, Charcoal Leather, Charcoal Leather, Light Titanium Leather, Saddle Brown 25 Due to the limitations of the printing process the colours reproduced may vary slightly from the actual paint colour or trim material. As a result they should be used as a guide only. Your Vauxhall retailer has a comprehensive display of all our paint samples and trim swatches. Trust Vauxhall Vauxhall Insurance Servicing and maintenance For more information... Available for new and used Vauxhalls, a Vauxhall Insurance policy offers a unique package designed specifically for Vauxhall drivers. For a highly competitive quotation, call 0844 463 2670. Or just visit our website at The best way to maximise the performance and reliability of your Vauxhall is to have all routine servicing and maintenance carried out at one of around 400 Vauxhall retailers. To find your nearest retailer call 0845 600 1500. For a brochure on any Vauxhall model (up to a maximum of three per caller) or location of your nearest Vauxhall retailer please call 0845 600 1500. Fleet Customer Services Our dedicated support services for fleet managers includes factory demonstrators, a three-day test drive programme and information on whole life costs, company car taxation and finance. For further information please call 0870 010 0651. In the event of an accident... Vauxhall Accident Support helps keep you mobile following an accident. Benefits include scene-of-accident advice, message service, assistance with claims and vehicle recovery. For further details call 0800 010 304. Alternatively, details can be found on our website at Join us online: Proud Sponsor of Home Nations Football When you have finished with this brochure please recycle it This brochure is printed on 75% recycled paper Scan this QR code with your smartphone for more information. Don’t forget to download a QR reader from your app store first. *Vauxhall Lifetime Warranty covers lifetime ownership of first car owner, 100,000 mile limit, annual check required. The warranty excludes wear and tear and serviceable items and the vehicle must be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s servicing schedule to continue the lifetime warranty. Terms and conditions apply. Offer available to all Vauxhall passenger cars (this offer does not apply to car-derived vans) from 1st August 2010. Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents of this publication were accurate and up-to-date at the time of going to press (March 2012). Vauxhall vehicles are equipped with components manufactured by various General Motors operating units and outside suppliers. The Company reserves the right to alter specifications and withdraw products from sale without notice. Any such alterations will be notified to Vauxhall retailers at the earliest opportunity; please consult your local retailer for the latest information. The specifications detailed within this brochure are not necessarily applicable to alternative models such as Special Editions. Details of any such models will be contained in specific literature or found on the Vauxhall website. Please note that Vauxhall retailers are not the agents of General Motors UK Limited and are not authorised to bind the Company by any specific or implied undertaking or representation. It is advisable to ensure that your motor insurance policy provides adequate cover for additional fitted options and accessories. Please note accessories shown are for illustrative purposes only. As part of Vauxhall’s policy of environmental care, this brochure is printed on paper manufactured using Elemental Chlorine Free pulps from specially farmed, sustainable timber resources. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of General Motors UK Limited. VM1109454 ©2012 General Motors UK Limited Published April 2012 General Motors UK Limited, Luton LU1 3YT Vauxhall Lifetime Warranty We’re so confident in Vauxhall quality and reliability that we are now able to offer a lifetime warranty. Available to the first owner of all new Vauxhall passenger cars, it’s valid for the lifetime of the vehicle up to a maximum of 100,000 miles*. In addition, our warranty also includes Vauxhall Assistance for 12 months from first registration and six years body panel anti-perforation warranty. Full details of Vauxhall’s warranties including terms, conditions and exclusions can be obtained through any authorised Vauxhall retailer or go to: WARRANTY 100,000 MILE