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1990-1998--Cadillac--Eldorado--8 Cylinders 3 4.5L MFI OHV--31003401
1999-2005--Cadillac--Deville DTS--8 Cylinders 9 4.6L MFI DOHC HO--32587901
Cadillac - SRX - Workshop Manual - 2012 - 2015
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1990-1998--Cadillac--Seville--8 Cylinders 3 4.5L MFI OHV--31003601
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Cadillac - CTS-V - Workshop Manual - 2009 - 2015
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1990-1998--Cadillac--Seville STS--8 Cylinders 9 4.6L MFI DOHC HO--31954201
Cadillac - SRX - Workshop Manual - 2010 - 2011
Cadillac - STS - Owners Manual - 2005 - 2005
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2003-2005--Cadillac--CTS--6 Cylinders 7 3.6L FI DOHC--32910402
Cadillac - Escalade - Workshop Manual - (1982)
Cadillac - Deville - Owners Manual - 1993 - 1993
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1967-1989--Cadillac--Eldorado--8 Cylinders S 7.0L 4BL OHV--31299401
1999-2005--Cadillac--Deville DTS--8 Cylinders 9 4.6L MFI DOHC HO--32711301
2004-2005--Cadillac--SRX AWD--8 Cylinders A 4.6L FI DOHC--32910902
2004-2005--Cadillac--SRX AWD--6 Cylinders 7 3.6L FI DOHC--32910901
Cadillac - Deville - Owners Manual - 1994 - 1999
1999-2005--Cadillac--Escalade--8 Cylinders R 5.7L MFI OHV--32528801
1967-1989--Cadillac--Deville--8 Cylinders S 7.0L 4BL OHV--31299301
1967-1989--Cadillac--Eldorado--8 Cylinders S 7.0L 4BL OHV--31320101
Cadillac - SRX - Owners Manual - 2011 - 2011
Cadillac - SRX - Workshop Manual - 2005 - 2005
Cadillac - SLS - Workshop Manual - 1996 - 2002
1967-1989--Cadillac--Fleetwood Brougham--8 Cylinders R 7.7L 4BL OHV--31719301
1967-1989--Cadillac--Deville--8 Cylinders 6 6.0L 4BL OHV--31256603
Cadillac - XLR - Owners Manual - 2008 - 2008
1999-2005--Cadillac--Seville--8 Cylinders Y 4.6L MFI DOHC--32910601
1990-1998--Cadillac--Allante--8 Cylinders 8 4.5L MFI OHV--31751201
1967-1989--Cadillac--Deville--8 Cylinders 8 4.1L TBI OHV--31214702
Cadillac - Seville - Owners Manual - 1993 - 1997
Summary of Content
Installation Procedures 2015-2016 Cadillac ATS SNS 83 Warning: Please read directions completely before starting. If you have any questions please contact BMPP before beginning your installation. Also please check our website ( for any updates or changes. Thank You. Parts Included: License Plate mounting bracket Assembly. Includes Base Plate and License Plate Holder. License Plate mounting Screws: (2) 6mm X 16mm (Phillips head), (2) 6mm acorn nuts with lock washers (10mm wench size) Base plate mounting screws: (2) Factory screws (removed from vehicle and reused) Tools Needed: 10mm sockets with ratchet Note: 1/4 inch drive preferred but 3/8 will work but extra caution will be needed when tightening screws. Philips screwdriver and 10mm wrench 1/4 inch drill bit and drill. Step 1: Insure all parts listed above are accounted for. Note: If at any time during the installation process you need assistance please call (831)663-4849. Step 2: Separate the license plate holder from the base by simply pulling the pull pin ring outward and sliding apart. Step 3: Remove two center screws as shown in figure 1. Using the two screws just removed secure the base plate as shown in figure 2. Slide the front plate into base plate and verify alignment. There should be approximately ¼” between back of front plate and bumper. Remove when alignment is complete and continue to step 4. Step 4: Secure the license plate and frame (optional) to the license plate bracket using the two screws and nuts provided. NOTE: Philips screws are inserted through the back of the front plate and acorn nuts and washers are used on the front. Failure to follow this procedure will result in damage to the front bumper. Requires the Phillips screwdriver and 10mmwrench (Not included). Step 5: Slide the license plate rods into the two tubes located on the base plate. Slide the rods into the tubes until the rods hit the pull pin. Simply pull the ring on the pull pin and advance the rods. Release ring and continue to advance rods until the pull pin locks into place. NOTE: The rods and spring loaded pull pin are required to be sprayed periodically with WD-40 or any other silicone type spray lube. Failure to do so could result in either the failure of the pull pin or the rods becoming difficult to remove or reinsert. Note: In harsh environments, such as areas where roads are either salted or sanded in the winter, spraying of the rods and pull pin should be performed on a regular basis. Failure to provide this maintenance may void your warranty. See figure 3. In some occasions the license plate may require a little adjustment to level. Simply pull pin and slide plate out approximately two inches, grab frame at arrows (See figure 4) and rotate. If plate is high on left or right side, rotate high side down slightly and release. Verify alignment and repeat as necessary. Once leveled plate will remain level. Congratulations! You have just installed the STO N SHOTM (Patented) front license plate mounting system. Thank You for your purchase. Caution: Bracket lowers ground clearance by approx 1/2 inch. Remove prior to entering automated car wash Exercise care when entering or exiting steep driveways or damage will occur Parking Stops or high curbs, stop well before or damage will occur Remove prior to running on track or racing Medium skill level required. If unsure, have bracket installed by your local Dealer or Body shop. Limited Lifetime Warranty (Excluding Pull-pin). Pull pin will be warrantied for a period of 1 year (12 months) from the date of purchase. Big Mike's Performance Parts (BMPP) warrants to the original purchaser only that this product will be free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product (Excluding pull-pin, see above) provided all maintenance is performed as required to the limitations and exclusions set forth below: Return product to any authorized dealer. Contact BMPP for the dealer nearest you. Upon examination, BMPP or its representative will, at its sole option and expense, repair or replace any product found to be defective. If product to be replaced via mail, BMPP will return the repaired or replaced unit to you via its usual shipping method from the factory to your address in the United States of America or Canada only. Any shipping costs for addresses outside of the United States or Canada shall be the responsibility of the purchaser. This warranty is not transferable. REMEDIES FOR BREACH OF WARRANTY. This Warranty does not include repair for damage caused by improper use or handling, including but not limited to damage caused by accident, mishandling, improper installation, abuse, negligence, or any defect caused by repair to the product by anyone other than BMPP. This warranty does not cover reimbursement for your costs of removing and transporting the product for warranty service evaluation, or installation of any replacement product provided under this warranty. This Warranty will be void if the product was not purchased from an authorized dealer or reseller. THE FOREGOING WARRANTIES ARE EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER EXPRESSED AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES. ALL SUCH OTHER WARRANTIES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT, WITH RESPECT TO THE PRODUCT. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, BMPP SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES EXCEPT TO THE EXTENT PROVIDED (OR PROHIBITED) BY APPLICABLE LAW, EVEN IF BMPP HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. Notwithstanding the above, if you qualify as a “consumer” under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, or applicable state laws, then you may be entitled to any implied warranties allowed by law for the Warranty Period. Further, some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential damages, so such limitations may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. For the name of your nearest authorized STO N SHO dealer, contact: Big Mike's Performance Parts at (831) 663-4849 or go to Fig 1. Fig 2 Fig3 Fig 4